July 4th Fishing Report

Sunny, with a high near 88. Calm wind becoming southeast around 6 mph in the morning.
 Creeks are clear and a touch low.  Water temperatures are starting to climb this week as a long spell of hot weather is over us and will remain for a few more days.
 The key to warm weather fishing is temperature.  Much like humans, trout do not like hot, sunny weather.  They are far more comfortable in the shade, and when things are cooler.  Fish early, fish late, and use your thermometer.  Anything over 65 degrees will be poor fishing and much higher than that can be lethal to fish!
 Hatches are sparse, fish are rising to a few spinners in the mornings then shut down mid day.  A few fish will still eat on the surface to craneflies and some generic parachutes in the evenings. 
 Terrestrials are key right now!  They start fishing once the ground dries out and continue through the day.  Fishing a hippie stomper or hopper with a dropper is THE summer rig through the day.
 Mousing is picking up in the evenings and throwing large streamers at night is also starting to catch some big fish.

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