Partly Cloudy
High 24
Wind N 5-7
Creeks low and clear
Water temps 38-40
Decent daytime temperatures followed by chilly nights this weekend.  The fishing will be pretty good all weekend with favorable temperatures to be outside and not too cold to freeze gear up all day long.  Earlier this week the frigid temperatures put some ice on sections of the creeks, so make sure you are fishing near springs or on streams that get a good amount of solar energy all day long.  Fishing in the shade probably isn't going to work all that well!
  There is no need to get up early to fish.  Water temperatures do not start warming up until about 10 a.m.  Sleep in, grab an extra cup of coffee or a late breakfast and relax this weekend!
Fishing has been solid on midge larvae, leeches, and wooly buggers.  Nothing special in terms of flies, the fish just want things slowly rolled along the bottom of pools and runs below riffles, especially where springs are dumping in.