Mostly sunny, with a high near 57. North wind 9 to 15 mph.
A brief, heavy rain storm last night dumped half to 3/4 of an inch of rain last night quickly.  While this will not have a lasting effect, look for a creek or two to run with a bit of a stain first thing this morning.
  Expect clear to slightly stained water area wide with temperatures in the mid to high 50s.
The sun is doing us no major favors right now early in the morning as it keeps fish deep and hiding under the banks.  Luckily, the caddis and cranefly hatch are bringing them out in the afternoon!  Subsurface flies that are working best are dirty birds, coulee scuds, and leeches.  On the surface we are having luck with craneflies and caddis in darker colors.
  Do not forget to move your flies!  Caddis and craneflies are active swimmers and messy hatchers.  This time of season movement can be more important that size, silhouette or color.