The last day of hot and sunny weather for a few days!

Sunny, with a high near 81. Breezy, with a south wind 10 to 18 mph.
Fishing has been difficult mid day, but water temperatures are still in the mid to high 50s meaning fish are happy early and late, and in spots where the sun is not beating down on them.  We're looking at some rain ahead (which is much needed).
  The creeks are low and clear and with the warmer and windy weather lately, the terrestrial fishing has really heated up.  Fishing ants and beetles underneath trees and overhanging vegetation and plopping hippie stompers along undercut banks has been a ton of fun lately.
  Hatches have slowed down a bit as we are waiting on sulphurs, sallies, cahills etc to show up.  The craneflies are still around and getting fish looking up.
Subsurface is solid on heavy bead heads rolled along the bottom in smaller sizes and thinner profiles as well as cranefly larvae.