Sunny, with a high near 79. Calm wind becoming south 5 to 7 mph in the morning.
Fishing has been solid so far this summer, especially when the sun is off the water.  Fish early, fish late, and find shade for better fishing.
  Creeks are clear to stained with water temperatures in the high 50s to mid 60s area wide.  The sun today will slow fishing down around mid day, except on the creeks that are still running with a stain.  The stain is enough to keep fish a bit happier, especially subsurface.
  It looks like this weekend we will get some more rain Saturday night.  According to the forecast it should not be enough to blow things out completely, but it should put a nice stain on the water and drop water temperatures down a bit for Sunday morning.
  There are no significant hatches going on right now.  We are seeing sporadic midge and lighter colored mayfly activity in the mornings and evenings.  The major surface activity is still on ants, beetles, and craneflies.
  Subsurface fishing has been excellent on leeches on every creek, and on the clear water we are fishing zebra midges, ice cream cones, and pink belly pheasant tail nymphs.