Mostly sunny, with a high near 81. East wind around 6 mph.
  Some solid summer weather in the Driftless!
Creeks are flowing clear and, thanks to recent rains, are higher than normal for mid August.  The extra water has also kept them cool as the springs are pushing more water out than normal.  It is still summer however so make sure you are using your thermometer as anything over 65 degrees will be slow fishing and much higher than that can be potentially lethal to trout.
  The trico spinner fall has been solid lately with the lack of wind and fog in the mornings.  The picture below is one of Pete's morning trip clients for a couple days ago!
  After the tricos fade away, we are switching to small terrestrials.  The magic beetle has been deadly lately from morning into dark! 
Subsurface fishing has been best on smaller, thin bodied bead heads such as pheasant tails and midge larvae fished low and slow.