A 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Cloudy, with a high near 66. East wind around 9 mph.
  After being POUNDED by rain over the past few days, creeks are back down and even a few were at a fishable level last evening.  There are still some smaller bridges and roads out due to the flash flood yesterday, but the county and state are working quickly to get everything back in shape.  We are not predicted to get much more rain this weekend and things have already begun to get back to normal.
  The silver lining from the high water is that everything is scoured.  Banksides and stream bed are moonscapes making walking and wading far easier for the fall.  The fish will be fine and will be eating even today.  Expect high water and slightly stained to murky today.  This weekend look for clear to murky water.
  In the ugly stuff, throw leeches, buggers, and San Juan worms.  As things clear up, pink squirrels and scuds along with flashy, smaller subsurface bugs will catch fish.
  There are still hoppers, ants, crickets and beetles bankside and they will be the major surface flies until early into next week when temperatures drop and we start to see olives hatching in the afternoon again.