Widespread dense fog, mainly before 8am. Otherwise, cloudy, with a high near 39. South wind around 6 mph.
  Conditions are right to be out fishing!  Yesterday fishing was solid mid day, but did drop off a bit in the evening as we are receiving a slow melt which drops the water temperature a bit.  Look for fishing to be prime between 10 and 2:30.
  Fish are eating small bead heads fished deep and slow as well as leeches dead drifted near the bottom with a twitch.  As things warm up some fish are moving out of the holes and into the runs to feed mid day.
  Creeks are running clear and do not have a ton of snow bankside.  While it is still trudging through the snow, it is shin deep or less on average.  Be careful in parking and make sure your vehicle is pulled off the side of the road completely.