Sunny, with a high near 44. Southwest wind 7 to 13 mph.
  Fishing has been very good lately with warmer temperatures kicking the winter fishing into high gear!  We have avoided muddy water from runoff, and there is not a lot of snow left on the banks so walking around is fairly easy.  We're in for a good week with sunny skies predicted and warm to downright balmy winter weather headed our way.
  Creeks are clear and flowing a bit high with water temperatures in the high 30 to low 40s.  Fishing is best mid day when water temperatures are climbing or holding steady at their peak.  Once they start to drop, fishing will slow down or shut off completely.
  Leeches have been incredible lately and we are also having luck on small bead head nymphs fished in the riffles and pockets.  Mid day, the fish are pushing up into the riffles and runs feeding on the surface on midges and some winter stoneflies too.