Sunny, with a high near 31. Northwest wind 5 to 8 mph.
We were spoiled in February with a few days that were unseasonably warm.  If we re-calibrate expectations, today is a fantastic day on paper!  It has been sunny all morning and will continue to be so throughout the day.  It feels warm in the sun and the creeks are already starting to warm up a bit.  Even a slight bump in water temperature will get the fish feeding on a day like today!  We may even see some midge hatches mid day and rising fish.  Just make sure you are fishing creeks that are more open and get more sunlight throughout the day.
  Leeches, scuds, she-hulks, pink squirrels, brassies, copper johns, and pheasant tails are the flies of choice subsurface.  On top smoke jumper emergers and single bodied midge dries (not clusters) have been great when we are seeing bulging rises.