Cloudy, with a high near 49. North wind around 11 mph.
  The cold front is fading through today and into tomorrow.  While fishing was still solid, the couple chillier and drizzly days suppressed the dry fly action a bit.  We did not get the heavy rains, our creeks are clear and a bit low and fishing well.  Water temps are in the high 30s to high 40s. 
  Midges have been hatching daily, and with warmer days (especially Saturday!) we should see some olives popping mid day.  Subsurface fishing has been solid on scuds, midge emergers, midge larvae, and other heavy bead heads fished on the bottoms of pools and runs.
  Trout will sulk in deep water early, then start to push up into the runs and riffles as water temperatures start to climb a bit.