Mostly sunny, with a high near 72. Breezy, with a light northwest wind becoming west 11 to 16 mph in the morning. Chance of precipitation is 20%.
  It's a draining day!  We received 1-4 inches of rain (more south of Viroqua).  That means muddy water for most of the day.  Things will hopefully drop and clear quickly which means expect stained to muddy water tomorrow.  We will keep you updated.
  Leeches, San Juan Worms and larger scuds and pink squirrels will work in the muddy water.
We will have eyes out on the creeks all morning this morning and keep you updated on whats going on.  It won't be a wasted Saturday/Sunday, but fishing will probably not be pretty and if we get any more rain (slight chance 20-30% all weekend) things will blow out again pretty quickly.