EDIT:  From reports rolling in, anywhere outside of Vernon county got pounded with rain.  Some creeks were out of the banks and into the fields as of this morning.  We received approximately 1-2 inches total last night which is enough to muddy things up, but they should be fishable fairly quickly today in Vernon county.
A 10 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms after 5pm. Partly sunny, with a high near 80. West wind 6 to 9 mph.
 The good news is that the major thunderstorms missed us.  The rain that fell in the Viroqua area was a good soaking rain, heavy at times, but not terrible.  We have stained to murky waters today with the exception of the larger waters (West Fork, North Fork) that are running very muddy.  There was no gully washer yesterday as the bad storm split around us.
  On the murky water, fish san juan worms and leeches and larger scuds.  As water clears up, and on the creeks that are already clear to stained, fish scuds and pink squirrels when there is some cloud cover in the sky, and pheasant tails and midge larvae when it is not.
  Surface wise, hippie stomper season is on us.  An attractor foam fly with a dropper is excellent all day long.  Fish are rising really early in the morning and late in the day when the sun is off the water to a mix of mayflies and midges.  Mid day terrestrial fishing has been solid.
  There is now only a less than 50% chance of scattered storms tonight and into tomorrow, while the creeks are not crystal clear, we dodged a rainy bullet yesterday for the most part.  Bring your stained water tactics this weekend, this morning may be tough to find clear, fishable water but by this afternoon and evening (barring another rain storm) we will catching fish!
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