Mostly sunny, with a high near 70. East wind 3 to 5 mph.
  Wow!  The forecast for the next few days has gotten even better.  Not only will we barely top 70 for a daytime high, clouds and drizzle are forecasted throughout the area through the weekend!  This is a very fishy forecast as water temperatures are low, creeks are in good shape, and the limiting factor of the sun will be taken out of play.  If ever there was an August to fish the Driftless, this is it!!
  We're still seeing spotty tricos in the morning, but the creeks that have them are getting the spinner fall later in the morning and the fall is lasting a bit longer (roughly 8-11).  Otherwise surface fishing has been good on ants and beetles even during the mid day sun.  Hoppers have been mediocre as the hopper crops in early summer were drowned out by rains.  Trout will still come up and eat a larger indicator pattern, but 'match the hatch' hoppers aren't hot right now.
  Subsurface fishing is best with anything small, thin bodied, and heavy.  Rolling a micro mayfly or midge larvae on the bottom will catch fish right now.  As the clouds roll in again, break out the scuds!
  Night fishing has been an absolute blast.  Mousing and larger streamer fishing have been very successful lately.