Mostly cloudy, then gradually becoming sunny, with a high near 69. East wind around 9 mph.
The incredible weather continues through the rest of the week and into the holiday weekend.  It's late August and we have not seen 80 degrees but once or twice in a month!!
  Creeks are flowing well (we received a brief, heavy rain last night) and are mostly clear to mildly stained.  Water temperatures are in the 50s area wide.
  Tricos are doing their spinner fall in the mornings, although the action is sparse due to colder morning temperatures.  Mid day fishing have been best on smaller terrestrials (ants and beetles) on the surface.  Hoppers are just starting to show up in numbers creekside and the fist are starting to look for them too.
  Subsurface fishing has been best on tiny bead heads fished in the riffles as well as scuds fished deep.
This summer weather and stream conditions are the best we have had in over a decade.  Take advantage of it if you can!