sunny, with a high near 70. Light west wind increasing to 8 to 13 mph in the morning.
Conditions couldn't be more pleasant in the Driftless right now.  The cool fall weather has both anglers and trout very happy!
  Look for sporadic rising fish in the mornings on a mix of tricos and midges.  As the day warms up a bit, the terrestrial surface bite turns on with fish eating ants, beetles, and smaller foam attractor patterns.  In the evening, our bug soup comes out and has fish looking up yet again.  Midges, olives, craneflies and more will be out at night.  If you are having trouble getting fish to eat on the surface, tie on an emerger and give it a twitch or two!
  Subsurface fishing has been good on both larger, thicker bodied patterns such as scuds and pink squirrels and on clear water with smaller thinner bodied bugs (zebra midges, frenchies).  Fish are pushed up into the riffles and runs most of the day retreating to the undercut banks and bottoms of pools when the sun is at its mid day peak.
  Mousing is still going strong, and will continue to be good until it gets really cold.  Slowly fishing a mouse pattern on the surface can yield some explosive eats as well as some larger trout!