Sunny, with a high near 64. Calm wind becoming north 5 to 9 mph in the morning.
A cool, crisp fall weekend ahead of us.
  Things are quite good in the Driftless right now.  Water flows are really good and temperatures are quite chilly after a few nights that have dipped down into the 40s.  Creeks are clear to slightly stained area wide.
  Fish are eating midges and a few trico spinners in the mornings on the surface.  Subsurface they are liking scuds and squirrels early.
Mid day fishing has been best on smaller terrestrials on the surface, and smaller thinner profile bugs subsurface.
In the late afternoon and evening, look for some olives (size 18-20 mayflies) as well as some larger (14-16) mayflies to hatch and potentially create a spinner fall in the evening.
  With the cooler temperatures, do not hesitate to fish a leech or streamer as fish are starting to kick into fall mode and seek larger meals.  Your best fishing on larger bugs is when the sun is not shining directly on the water, or on the handful of creeks that have a stain to them.