Mostly sunny, with a high near 33. North wind 7 to 15 mph.
  Looks like spring is here for the next week or so!  Most of the snow is gone with only a bit hanging around in the shaded areas.
Creeks are flowing clear with water temperatures in the low 40s.  With the snow gone, we are less worried about water temperatures cooling down throughout the day.  Fishing can be good longer throughout the day instead of just mid day now!
  Midges are still hatching mid day, and we have started to see one or two mayflies (olives).  The olives have not started hatching yet, but they are showing up here and there.
Subsurface action has been great. Scuds and pink squirrels are great right now, and the tiny bead heads we have been using all winter long are still very effective as long as they are fished right along the bottom.  Olive leeches are starting to pick up fish alongside the black ones, and grey colored streamers are getting fish to eat now too.
It looks like a great weather week ahead of us!  Shop is open 7 days a week and we have a bunch of new flies and gear coming in daily!