Areas of fog before 11am. Otherwise, mostly cloudy, with a high near 69. Light and variable wind.
Things are really nice in the Driftless right now.
The rains yesterday put some stain on the water, but nothing was blown out completely that wasn't already.  This leaves us with the majority of our creeks clear to stained and running with water temperatures in the mid to high 50s.
  Fishing has started to pick up on terrestrials lately.  Fishing a beetle or hippie stomper on top has gotten quite a few fish to look up.
With the cloudy weather we are seeing mayflies early in the morning, and we are still seeing a few caddis during the day too.  Craneflies are also hatching throughout the day!
  Subsurface fishing has continued to be good on heavy bead heads with a bit of thickness to them.  Think more prince nymph than midge larvae.
 With the stained water, do not be afraid to fish a leech or San Juan worm.