Partly sunny, with a high near 77. Light and variable wind becoming south 5 to 9 mph in the morning.
  Some much needed cloud cover is around today.  While spotty, it will be far better than the bright sun we had yesterday.
Fishing has been quite good with creeks clear to stained and running in the mid to high 50s to 60s temperature wise.
We are seeing our bug soup in the evenings with all kinds of different light colored mayflies, yellow sallies, caddis, craneflies and midges hatching.  During the day fishing a hippie stomper with a dropper is very effective as is fishing a heavy tungsten bead pattern right below riffles and into the undercut banks.  Fish are feeding in the riffles and runs early, then will slip into deeper water and under cover mid day only to emerge into the riffles and runs again in the evening.
  If you aren't too tired after a day of fishing, mousing at night has been a lot of fun lately!