Partly sunny, with a high near 81. Light southeast wind becoming south 5 to 10 mph in the morning.
Fishing continues to be good here in the Driftless.
  Tricos are showing up in the mornings, and on calm mornings like we have today, the fishing can last from sunup to about 10 am!  Look for the clouds of bugs over the stream and rising fish as they fall.  It might not be consistent rising, but when a cloud drops the fish go nuts and feed on the tiny mayflies with abandon.
  The rest of the day, fishing a hopper or hippie stomper with a bead head below is still fantastic.  We're getting very aggressive strikes from fish on hoppers!  Unlike the past few years, our hoppers were not washed away from the spring floods, so there are quite a few more around which means fish are seeing more of them through the day.  Terrestrials start working when the tricos shut down.  It takes a while for the ground to warm up and dry out for them to get moving.
  When in doubt, fish deep.  A competition style (heavily weighted) bead head nymph rolled along the bottom or underneath undercut banks can get even the fussiest summer trout to eat.
  Creeks are low and clear with temperatures at 60 degrees.  There are a couple of creeks who are reaching the 65 degree mark.  Fishing shuts down over 65 degrees and can be lethal to trout if it gets near 70.  Please use a thermometer and avoid the larger, warmer creeks this time of year.