EDIT: 4:30 pm.  Larger creeks are still murky/muddy.  Smaller tributaries and meadow creeks have dropped and cleared to a fishable level (clear to stained).  Guide trips early in the AM did well on hoppers!
  It rained about 2 inches in town and north of us.  South of the shop received 3-4 inches and east into Madison got way too much rain in the past 24 hours.  Expect creeks to be stained to muddy this morning, but many of the smaller waters will drop and clear quickly.  With no more rain in the forecast, things should be back on track for the weekend.
  On the murky water, fish San Juan worms and scuds as well as black leeches.  On the clearer water your normal bead heads will work just fine.  It will take a while for things to dry out so the hopper fishing will be off until later today.  Try an attractor pattern on the surface through the day, and look for small olives in the evening.
  This flush is not a bad thing, it will recharge the springs and drop water temperatures a bit!