Patchy drizzle before 10am. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 71. North wind 8 to 14 mph.
 Rains yesterday were good soaking rains that dropped up to 2 inches. This means many of our creeks will be murky to muddy this morning, but will drop and clear rapidly through the day.  Smaller tributary creeks and headwaters will be stained to murky this morning changing to clear to stained this evening.  Don't get stuck thinking that everything is blown out if your favorite creek is muddy!  Hop into the car and drive around a bit and you will find fishable water.  If you have even a couple inches of visibility, you can catch fish.
  When we get rains, the most effective bugs are leeches, san juan worms, and larger scuds.  On the creeks that are clearer, scuds, frenchies and pink squirrels will do well today.  On the creeks that have cleared up a bit by this evening,  look for the olive hatch the latter part of the day.
  The cold weather and rain will set us up for a coupe of days of fantastic fishing ahead!  Cooler water temps, a nice flush, and springs that will be pumping out water a bit more than normal in the middle of summer mean solid trout fishing!