Cloudy, then gradually becoming mostly sunny, with a high near 54. West wind 6 to 13 mph.
Fall is on us and the fishing is fine!
  Creeks are in great shape (excluding the Timber Coulee) and fish are pretty happy.  The sun is the limiting factor, fishing is best when it is cloudy out or early and late when the sun is not shining directly on the water.
  Fish are eating hoppers, beetles, and ants on the surface.  We have olives hatching later in the day and fish are eating them quite well in the evenings.
  Subsurface fishing has been best on smaller, thin bodied bugs fished below a hippie stomper or a hopper.  Anything with a bit of flash seems to be fine right now.
  We couldn't ask for better weather for the weekend!  Tonight is supposed to be cold, so no need to get up early Saturday morning.