UPDATE 3:00 p.m.:  Things started to murk up around lunch time.  Luckily no more rain has fallen since about 11.  The larger storm that might hit us this evening looks like it is (hopefully) going to pass north of La Crosse a bit.  We will see tonight...  If we don't get significantly more rain, things will be in fine shape tomorrow.  Stained to cloudy with a few clear creeks.  If the rain hits, expect murky to muddy waters.
  Things are still clear to stained in our area, but the ground is saturated and if we get heavy rain we will see some muddying of the creeks.
   In the meantime, the olive hatch has been very strong out there.  It isn't on every body of water, but the creeks that do get them have fish looking up most of the middle part of the day.
  On a rainy day like this, your best bet is subsurface if the olives aren't hatching.  Fishing a scud, pink squirrel or larger pattern is a good idea.  Leeches have also been quite good!