Sunny, with a high near 59. North wind 8 to 14 mph.
Conditions are PRIME to start seeing the caddis hatch again.  While we can not guarantee (political and fly shop owner speaking here) a hatch, things are lined up to where we should the hatch turn on this weekend.
  Creeks are clear to slightly stained and flowing well with water temperatures in the mid 40s to low 50s area wide.
We did not suffer from the recent rains, and have had good fishing the past few days!
  The olive hatch is still around, but starting to fade a bit.  Scuds are moving around subsurface and our bead head patterns are getting larger and thicker (think more pink squirrel and brush hog than zebra midge and PT).
  Leeches and streamers are still catching fish, and you can run into some larger fish in the lower sections of the creeks right now.