Mostly sunny, with a high near 77. West wind 6 to 11 mph.
  Yesterday was excellent with clear water.  The morning rains did not affect the creeks at all.
Last night we had some very quick and heavy rains.  Rainfall totals for the past 24 hoursup in La Crosse were pushing 1.5 inches, Richland center register 1.75 inches, down in De Soto 1 inch.  Viroqua was less than half an inch and Newton only received 1/4 of an inch in last nights storm.
  What that means for fishing is that the closer to Viroqua you are this morning, the better the water will be!  Scouting this morning, creeks just to the east of us were in great shape, clear to slightly stained.  There is fishable water out there, and the creeks that are running muddy will drop and clear quickly as the rains came and went very rapidly last night around 10 pm.
  In the murky to stained water, it's worm time!  A San Juan or squirmy wormy can be deadly.  Add to that leeches and large scuds and you will be set.
  On the clear water, we will see caddis on the surface again, as well as craneflies.  With the bright and sunny weekend, it is doubtful any olives will show up except late in the evening.  Subsurface bugs should have a bit of thickness to them to imitate the caddis and cranefly larvae.
  If you run into a murky creek, drive into the next valley!  It might take a bit of exploring first thing this morning, but there is fishable water out there and rising fish were spotted at 6 this morning!