Saturday, September 14th, we are happy to have a fly line demo day sponsored by Scientific Anglers!
  What it is:  Bring your own fly rod or rods that just do not seem to be performing right.  Representatives from Scientific Anglers will be on hand with pretty much every fly line that they make.  You will be able to test different tapers, weights, and textures of fly lines to create a perfect match for your fly rod!  Instead of just guessing what will work well with your fly rod, you get a chance to test drive a bunch of different lines to get a perfect match for your fly rod and casting style!  This is not a parking lot event, there will be water to cast on (as well as a bar inside...) to get a true feel.

  The event is free and starts at 3 p.m. at the Bad Axe Country Club in Esofea.

For more information or directions, please e-mail or call the shop!