High 82
Breezy South Wind 8-18 gusting to 25
Despite the wind today, fishing will be hot.  After things normalized after the rains, we are back to our summer routine.  Tricos in the morning, crickets, beetles, hoppers and ants throughout the day, then rising fish (eating midges) in the evening when sun is off the water.  For rising fish, emergers have been excellent.
  Subsurface fishing is best with smaller, thin bodied bead heads.  Midge larvae and micro nymphs.
Mice, streamers and leeches are catching some nice fish at night too.
  Waters are a bit low and running clear with temps in the high 50s to mid 60s.  It is still a good idea to use your thermometer as anything over 65 will be poor fishing and can be harmful to fish.