September has arrived.  This is the last month of trout season in Wisconsin, get out there and fish!
Mostly Sunny, Humid
High 87
Wind S 5-8 mph.
  Hot and humid today, it will be steamy out there!  The trico spinner fall will be brief with the fog and high humidity today, and the terrestrial bite will be off until the afternoon when things have dried out a bit.  Look for fish to be sporadically rising to midges on the surface.
  We have seen some very solid any 'spinner falls' the past few days, but with the high humidity today they may be off.
  The better fishing throughout the day will be on tiny bead head nymphs and midge larvae.  Creeks are clear and still flowing cool after rains a few days ago.
  In the evening, look for fish to eat terrestrials, midges, and a handful of smaller, generic dry flies.