Cooler feeling this morning with less humidity in the air!
High 85
Clouds clearing around lunchtime to most sunny
Wind SE 6-8
Water temps: High 50s to mid 60s.
  The heat and humidity have broken a bit.  It will still be warm today but thing are changing as the weekend comes on us.  Monday the temperature dips significantly.
  Fishing has still been solid early and late.  The mid day has just been too brutal to fish in for anglers, and the fish tend to have lockjaw when the sun is shining directly on the low and clear water.
  Tricos early, ants beetles and hoppers in the shady and cooler creeks mid day.  The evenings bring fish up again and the will eat midge dries and emergers.
  Subsurface fishing has been solid on midge larvae, and other smaller, thin bodied bugs.
Mousing is still good with some aggressive fish eating when the sun is completely off the water.
  Remember your thermometer as fishing will be poor if you find water temperatures over 65, and can be harmful to fish over 68.