Mostly Sunny, Chance of Storms in PM
High 78
Wind S 7-13
Creeks low and clear with temperatures in the mid 50s to mid 60s.
Some much needed rain will roll in this afternoon cooling things down for the weekend, and hopefully putting a stain on the crystal clear waters!  We are not forecasted for a bunch of rain, so it should do a great job at dropping water (and air!) temperatures and putting a stain on the water for tomorrow.  The weekend is looking really good.
  This is the last warmer day so the trico spinner fall will taper off after this morning to be replaced by olives when he sun is off the water.
Terrestrials will be good today with a nice breeze, until the rain comes in the afternoon.
  Subsurface fishing will be on smaller, thinner bodied flies fished right on the bottom during the day.  When it clouds up, look for scuds and leeches to catch fish.