High 73
Wind S 7-14
Water temp Mid 50s to 60
The creeks are in excellent shape, cool and clear, but the sun is shining high in the sky and making trout unhappy!  Make sure you seek out shade and undercut banks to find fish.  Also, do not overlook the riffles as fish are in them feeding with the cooler water temperatures.
  We are seeing tiny olives in the later afternoon, as well as midges hatching in the evening.  Mornings will have some olives as well as tricos, although the tricos are not falling as well as they were in warmer weather.
  Throughout the day, terrestrials have been good on the surface with ants, beetles and crickets being munched on.  The hoppers are a bit slower recently, but still getting some nice fish to eat.
  Subsurface fishing has been solid on pheasant tails and midge larvae, as well as leeches.  Scuds have been excellent when the sun is off the water.