Rising Brookie Net


Anodized Orange
Rising nets are the best!  An incredibly easy to use net with a large opening and good sized basket.  It is extremely lightweight, and has a very fish friendly rubber net bag that is safe on fish, won't get flies stuck in it, and resists the dreaded net stink.  The knurled handle is the grippiest we have ever tested.
It also features measuring marks on the hoop, a two piece design so you can travel with it easily, and a waterproof handle that can be used for storage, or as a flask!
  • Anodized Aluminum Net- safe to drink from
  • Soft Rubber Net Bag- best for fish, no snagged flies, resists net stink
  • Knurled Texture- Better grip, especially when wet
  • Deep Bag on Hoop- Easier to hold fish safely
  • Waterproof Handle- For storage or use as a flask!
  • Total Length 28"
  • Hoop Length 15"
  • Bag Depth 9"
  • Weight 16 oz
  • Made in USA
  • Measurement indicators on hoop (makes measuring your fish quick and easy)
  • Custom acetal bolt to hold hoop to handle securely, while allowing easy dis-assemble and re-assembly for replacing bags or travel
  • Gasket sealed end-cap makes for water-proof storage in the handle. 24? holds 6 oz of liquid, 38? holds 10 oz. – stream side flask