Zen Scud


Locally designed and tied!
Lightly weighted.

The fly is not overly flashy, animated, or detailed.  It doesn't need to be.  It is the Zen that achieves much while doing very little.
This pattern uses a custom dubbing mix with a prismatic underbody to achieve three things:
1) Create the illusion of movement
2) Send light from the inside out
3) Create a realistic shillouette
  These factors together make a 'halo' of realism that is only enhanced when the fly is wet.  Look at the fly with backlighting and you can see how the kinky fibers of the dubbing make a realistic, animated profile that is accurate 'in the round', plus the multiple colors of dubbing (and their fiber optic properties) become illuminated.  Now, hold it up to a window so the fly is in shilouette, notice how it becomes sparse, yet accurate in profile.