Scott F2 Fiberglass Rods


The driftless is the perfect place to fish glass, and the Scott F2 glass rods are the absolute best.  The shop's favorite is the 7' 3wt.

If you want top performance and maximum fun from your small stream fishing, F2 high performance glass rods are the choice.

These aren't about nostalgia or being retro. F2 rods are about getting the most from your small stream fishing by using the right tools for the job.

These rods make precise accurate casts with just a few feet of line and the leader, and are great for underhand and bow and arrow casts. F2's load deeply under the pull of small fish, transmitting tons of feel.
  • Made in USA
  • S2 Glass
  • Internal Ferrule
  • Full Flex
  • Medium Recovery Speed
For more information visit Scott's Tech Page