Echo B.A.G Quickshot


Fast, powerful and responsive warm water and saltwater glass rods!

As glass geeks here at the Driftless Angler, we were blown away by these rods.  Saltwater and warm water tools for sure, but do not overlook the 6 weight as an excellent streamer rod.  All the feel of glass without the flop of old glass rods! 
The ECHO Bad Ass Glass is a glimpse into the future of fiberglass rod design: faster, lighter, and more powerful than ‘glass has ever been. NEW FOR 2018 the 8’0” QuickShot model helps casters come through their stroke quicker and allows lighting-fast shots to moving fish. Available in #6 through #10, there is a Bad Ass Glass QuickShot to fit your big fish situation. "Slow” and "Glass” are no longer one-in-the-same.
  • Four piece travel design
  • Action:  Glass Fast
  • Blank:  Translucent Sky Blue
  • Tube:  Unique fiberglass rod tube
  • Guides: Stainless w/ low-friction ceramic stripper
  • Grips:  Features two grip styles
  • Reel Seat: Maintenance-free aluminum
  • Warranty:  Echo Lifetime Warranty