Echo Glass Fly Rods

$199.99 - $219.99

Modern glass rods have always been a favorite for fishing the Driftless. 
Echo created their glass rods answering the growing call for that soulful action only fiberglass creates, these let Tim pull from his large sack of graphite tricks and apply glass possibilities. They're all about giving you the feedback missing from stiff graphite actions, with deep loads and a smooth recovery that transmits from tip to hand, while whispering a good bit of sexy time pillow talk asking "why didn't you come back to glass sooner?" The ECHO GLASS rods are a great value in the glass revolution, all the attributes and fish ability of other competitors higher priced rods. Beauty, soul, action, magic, and super price, these rods have it all. Slow down and feel...
The Big water fast glass models have additional length and power levels for enhanced performance over a wide range of applications.

Holy cow!!

just picked up the 6'9" 3 weight and I have fallen in love. This is my first modern glass rod and my second Echo rod, the first being a 9' 4 wt carbon. At a recent fly fishing expo, i tried out a couple of the competitors and one felt like a noodle and the other was twice the price of the echo glass. This rod has great feel, isn't so slow that you have to totally relearn timing, and while I have only had it for a day, the bluegills at the pond near my house are a blast to catch. i can't wait to land some driftless trout with this!

  • Alignment dots for easy assembly
  • Traditional down lock cork barrel reel seat
  • Classy Golden Carmel blank
  • Dark olive guide and accent wraps
  • Chrome snake guides
  • Ceramic ringed stripper guides
  • Premium grade cork handle
  • Cordura covered rod case and cloth rod sock
  • ECHO lifetime warranty