Vedavoo ARC Tippet Pack


We hated having a stack of tippet dangling – ready to catch our line when we had one shot at a passing shadow. Turning our spools to lay flat against our pack, the stack doesn’t swing around as much and causes far fewer tangles. You have better view of the spool marks on the elastic retainers, and you pull line out at an angle that’s easier than pulling line away from your body.Small, easy to use, and simple in design, a toggled paracord loop is perfect for supporting a stack of spools where you can access them more easily.Worn over your belt / wading belt, or connected to one of our ARC Accessory ready packs (Tightlines Sling Deluxe, Chest Pack, Deluxe Gear Pouch, Hip Pack, etc.), the Tippet Pack is quickly becoming one of our favorite pieces of gear. The ARC works with a velcro wrap tab that holds tightly around whatever you wrap it around, and securely holds on belts up to 2.5? wide.