Meat Sweats




That rush of heat and perspiration that comes after a large meal of protein. We don't know if fish perspire, but we do know that they enjoy this streamer! This jigged sculpin has a unique belly filled with lead to keep the hook up and the fly down deep.  The size 8 is Driftless friendly and can be cast on lighter weight rods!

We all know the Sculpzilla is a great fly and very popular. Most streamer people have them in their boxes already. The things we like about it is the bunny tail and the weight. What we don’t like about it is how it can hang up on the bottom too easily since the hook point is down and the weight being in the cone causes the fly to jig up and down a lot while stripping it. Sculpins don’t swim like that.

Rio's fly designers wanted a fly that solved what they didn’t like but kept the two things they did like. By putting this fly on the jig hook and counter weighting it, the hook rides point up which reduces bottom snagging. It also allows the fly to fall more horizontally reducing the up and down jig motion. The #8 Meat Sweats is the same length and weight as the #8 Sculpzilla. So it has the same wiggle and casts the same.