January 16th Fishing Week Forecast

Monday:  40 and Rainy

Tuesday 36 and Drizzle

Wednesday; 3-5 inches of snow.

Grappling with another non-winter winter in the Driftless.  Be careful looking at just temperatures as it does not always show the full picture of what will be going on in the creeks.  The last couple of days have been nice weather (although January being so warm is a concern for future snow/water availability), however the last couple of days have been warm enough to melt a lot of snow, slowing down the fishing earlier than normal.  Today's rain and temperature will continue that trend.

  Mid week temperatures return to normal with highs in the high 20s.  A good amount of snow mid week is forecasted too.

For fishing, this boils down to keeping in mind that winter conditions are difficult when things are normal!  With rapidly changing weather and snowmelt, your window mid day of rising water temperatures is just a bit more narrow.  We are still seeing midges hatching daily, but unless it is the first day of a massive warming trend, fishing tends to be a bit more difficult.  Our advice is if you are in the area, absolutely go out and enjoy the creeks.  Driving a long way for a few hours of fishing isn't something we would recommend until things stabilize a bit!

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