May 21st Fishing Report

Sunny, with a high near 72. West wind around 7 mph.
Creeks are low and clear.  Caddis and cranes are hatching and we are starting to see some sulfurs in the evening.

Most of all, it has been very crowded out there.  We ask everyone to please make sure to check in with other anglers before fishing a spot.  There is still enough room to spread out.  If the spot you wanted to fish has a car on it, head to another spot.  Even break out the map and explore a different valley!

 There is no reason to hop in upstream of another angler (high hole) and fish.  If you can see the angler(s), please walk down to them and check in before you fish.

When you park at a public access point, it is very helpful if you leave a note on your dashboard indicating which way you went!

Enjoy the weather, enjoy the fishery, and be good to each other!

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