Driftless Update

We hope everyone is enjoying the off season.  As we head into winter we are always keeping an eye on water levels and stream conditions.

Spawning this fall was solid.  While we do not have scientific data, walks along creeks showed many beds and active fish on pretty much every creek.  Thankfully we have had a 'bit' of precipitation which helped the flows a little before spawning which helped things along quite a bit.  

Speaking of precipitation, we are still in a drought!  We need some rain and snow to get things back to normal flows or we will see continued water levels dropping this winter.

While it is not disastrous, we are still hoping for a bit more to fall from the sky before season opens again.  Not only for fishing, but to keep the eggs the fish have laid healthy and happy.  While it could be worse, it most definitely could be better too.

For something different, we do have some openings for our March Patagonia trip!  You will be fishing the South American fall and historically we enjoy some great match the hatch dry fly fishing and potential excellent streamer fishing as the minnows come out of the lakes on their spawning run.

Shoot us an email for details!

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