Conservation Congress Voting today from noon to April 13th

The conservation congress is the way for our voices to be heard on potential changes to fishing and hunting in the state.  Please make sure to vote online here:

Two important questions to answer!

1) Do you favor changing the statewide general open season for trout and salmon in inland streams springs, and spring ponds to the first Saturday in April at 5 a.m. through October 15 

Extending the trout season to the first Saturday in April instead of the traditional first Saturday in May will add a full month to the harvest season statewide. Your vote will help prevent "harvest anglers" from targeting and negatively impacting Trout Statewide and ahead of other species.

2) Do you favor having only one statewide county base regulation of 5 trout in total with no minimum size limit? 

WI DNR would eliminate the yellow category ( 3 fish bag with an 8 inch size limit) statewide and make the green regulation the base for the entire state.

  • Doing away with the yellow regulation would up the harvest on streams previously under that regulation and
  • Take a tool out of the biologist’s toolbox, giving them one less option when managing the fishery.

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