February 1st Fishing Report

Cloudy, with a high near 34. West wind around 8 mph.
Creeks are winter low and clear with temperatures in the mid to high 30s.  Things have been pretty good for the winter the past few days, and today it will be comfortable to be out on the creeks.  Fishing will be best between 10 and 2.  If you want to chase rising fish, there is a chance to see them mid day today eating midges.  Otherwise roll small and dark tungsten bead heads on the bottom or slowly twitch leeches through the holes.  Sunday will be much warmer, but we run the risk of snowmelt dropping water temperatures in the early afternoon.  Watch that thermometer, you want to be fishing rising water temperatures for the best fishing.

NOTE:  Please do not handle trout with gloves on!  It might take a while longer to warm your hands up, but gloved hands take a ton of protective slime off of a fish.  Also, if it is around freezing air temperature, try to not take trout out of the water.  Gills freeze easily!

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