February 2nd Fishing Report

Mostly sunny, with a high near 46. Breezy, with a west wind 13 to 22 mph, with gusts as high as 40 mph.
Gorgeous day out there, except for the winds!
Creeks are low and clear (normal winter flows) with temperatures in the higher 30s.  Expect things to start fishing early as the sun is shining today.  Unfortunately the sunny and warm weather is a double edged sword.  It will get things going quickly and you will feel comfortable as an angler, but it will also cause snowmelt to get into the creeks sooner.  While it shouldn't muddy anything up, the ice cold water hitting the creeks will shut fishing down.  Watch your temperatures, once the water starts to cool down so does the fishing.
 Dark and thin bodied patterns will be effective today all day long.  While flies may hatch, expect the best dry action to be in the spots sheltered from the winds.  If the gusts become too overwhelming, tie on a leech or smaller streamer.

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