Pant Waders for 2020 Compared

Pant waders for the Driftless are where it's at!  They keep your protected and dry while eliminating the unnecessary bulk and warmth of fabric above the waist, and you don't have pesky suspenders bugging you all day long (especially important on warmer days when you are wearing a lightweight shirt).  Our creeks are shallow enough that you just do not need a full chest wader.  While selections have been pretty slim in the past, 2020 has you covered with plenty of options for any style fishing and any budget.  If you're looking to have a much more comfortable Driftless experience, grab a pair of pants and go fish!  (As an added bonus, you can rock them around town here in Viroqua and no one will bat an eye!)  You can check out all the pant wader options on our site here.  And never hesitate to drop us a line with any questions.

GOOD:  Redington Escape Wading Pants. $189.99

Nothing flashy with these waders.  You get a solid, 4 layer material in a simple cut with a hook and loop adjustable belt.  


  • Price.  Coming in under $200 bucks these are more than affordable 
  • Pockets:  Excellent for storing tippet, flotant, your waterproof phone/camera etc.  Drain holes will keep water from pooling in pockets


  • Belt System:  Just a tad clunky and fits a bit odd, but nothing you will care about once you start fishing
  • Sizing:  Generic sizes which have an inseam that increases as you size up.  Make sure you check the size chart and try them on!


This is the best selling pant wader in the shop.  Durable, reliable, and a great fit.  4 layer Toray Material, a comfortable belt, and a zippered fly for easy on/off


  • Quality:  These waders have passed the test time and time again.  Rugged but comfortable and still cool on warmer days.
  • Pockets:  Now a necessity for minimalist fishing, or for quick and easy to grab items.  Drain holes are small, but still let out standing water.


  • Zipper fly:  While it does help getting the wader on and off, it isn't easy to zip.  Also does not function as an easy way to relieve yourself.
  • Generic Sizing:  Again, why the inseam increases with the waist size is beyond me.  Double check sizing and try them on!


This is the most pant like pair of waders out there!  Gussets on waist and crotch mean they fit less like a wader, and give you a ton of freedom of movement without feeling like you are pulling at the seams.  They are also constructed with a single seam which means far less chances for seam leaks or failures.


  • Comfort:  These are seriously comfortable waders!  Unlike the other pant waders, they are cut like pants and do not have the 'old man pant' look or feel.
  • Sizing:  With an impressive 13 sizes available, you can find a near perfect fit!
  • Pockets:  Slide your bottle of flotant into your pocket and it feels natural just like your favorite pair of jeans!  Drain holes on these waders too
  • Recycled Materials: Outside of the breathable layer, everything else on this wader is made of recycled fabrics!


    • Cost: While there aren't any performance issues at all, and an incredible warranty on the off chance that anything can go wrong, they are still spendy at $349


    Simms G3 guide pant.  These are a seriously bombproof pair of waders.  While still extremely breathable, they tend to get toasty on warm days relative to the other waders listed.  We walk a lot in the Driftless and while we are pushing through some brambles and bared wire, our meadow creeks don't necessarily need the durability that the G3 has.  If you are hard on your gear, or looking for a colder weather wading pant, this is it.  $500

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