February 28th Fishing Report

Sunny, with a high near 25. Northwest wind 6 to 14 mph.
 Fishing will be solid today, although chilly.  
The sun is out and warming the stream bed right now.  Expect decent fishing subsurface and look for hatches mid day.
The weekend ahead looks incredible.  Saturday is pushing 40 degrees, and Sunday is pushing 50!
The only thing to watch out for is snow melt.  What it gets to that 45+ mark, snow will start to melt rapidly and dump cold water (and potentially dirty water if it gets too hot) and will shut the fishing down.  Saturday should be fine, but Sunday you might want to start a little earlier.   9-1 instead of 11-3.
 Store is stocked up with all kinds of stuff for the spring, so stop on by and grab your bugs and check it out!

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