April 2nd Fishing Report

Mostly cloudy, with a high near 60. Breezy, with a southeast wind 11 to 16 mph
  Today is bringing in another brief cloudy and drizzly weather pattern.  Friday looks like some light rain (nothing that should impact stream fishability!), and the weekend looks sunny and pleasant!
Creeks are clear and a touch low with water temperatures in the low to middle 40s.
Midges, olives, and spring stoneflies are hatching daily around the area.  Typically we have seen the best surface activity in the later afternoon.
Subsurface fishing has opened wide up.  We're still doing well on our thin bodied, heavy dark patterns, but scuds, hare's ears, soft hackles etc have all come into play.
On the surface, with the stonefly hatch, we are relying heavily on chubby chernobyls (training wheels) and hippie stompers as edible indicators.  Tying a nymph dropper to these is a good idea!
  WHen fish are gently rising, it is time for an olive or midge pattern on the surface.
Fish are still eating leeches and streamers, but are much more aggressive when the sun is not shining down on the clear water.

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