As the Pandemic continues, life has been upended.  Our fishery, our area and our community come first.  While none of these decisions are easy we worry about the health of our guides, customers and ourselves.  This will pass, and things will get back on track.

STORE:  The storefront is closed.  We are not doing curbside, we are not doing drive through, we are no longer doing deliveries.  We are now only able to ship orders.  Please call, e-mail, or use our online shopping page!  There will be no exceptions to this.  

GUIDING: While there is a still a stay at home order, it would be unethical and possibly illegal to be guiding. We are not taking any trips in the month of April. We will see how long this lasts, and may have to cancel all May guided trips as well depending on the virus and what is right for our area.
FISHING IN THE DRIFTLESS: - Fishing should be done close to home, a day trip only. You should be able to fill up at your local gas station, head to the stream making NO stops for gas or food, responsibly fish, and return home. At this point we do not encourage overnight stays. While fishing is still legal in Wisconsin, you are required to maintain social distancing requirements. This should be easy to do, however we have seen multiple cars parked at access points.  Please don't risk it.  Spread out and keep yourself and others healthy.  

We thank you all for your support during these difficult times.  We will continue posting reports and fishing related photos on our social media.  This is not done to encourage you to come visit, it is just to maintain a sense of routine, normalcy (Mat will go crazy if he can't write fishing reports...), and to allow you to enjoy the Driftless from afar.

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